Discover Our Coffee Producers - The Heart of Our Craft

At ROAST OF THOR, we believe that great coffee starts at the source. We are deeply committed to sourcing our coffee from talented and dedicated producers who share our passion for excellence.

Currently, our network of coffee producers features one exceptional partner - Victor Hugo from Finca La Distancia in Chiapas, Mexico. Victor Hugo, a veteran of coffee farming for over three decades and a multiple award recipient, leads this operation. Victor's dedication to his craft has earned him recognition in prestigious events like the "Taza de Excelencia Mexico."

Our commitment to sourcing exceptional coffee extends beyond this introduction. We are actively expanding our network of coffee producers, each with a unique story, and each contributing to the diverse range of coffee offerings we will present to you.

As you explore our coffees, remember that every cup you enjoy is a testament to the hard work, expertise, and passion of our valued coffee producers. Join us on this journey and celebrate the incredible flavors and stories behind each roast, with more to come as we expand our range of exceptional producers and products.

Where Elevation Meets Excellence.

Finca La Distancia

Nestled at 1,550 meters in Chiapas, Mexico, Finca La Distancia is where coffee excellence thrives. Guided by coffee farmer Victor Hugo, this farm's natural process creates exquisite beans bursting with vanilla, jasmine, tangerine, and peach notes. Discover coffee artistry at its best.


Experience a journey of flavors with every sip.

Finca Progreso

From the lush slopes of Sierra Zongolica in Veracruz, Mexico, comes our cherished Bourbon, Finca Progreso coffee. Under the tender care of Noe Tzitziua, a dedicated young farmer, these coffee beans journey from a historic land straight to your cup. Sip the dedication, taste the tradition.